Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Hunting T-Shirt Hat Sticker Design

Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Hunting T-Shirt Hat Sticker Design

Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering Hunting Slogan Logo Design GearHere at Apex we just finished up another design for backcountry bowhunting hunting legend, Cameron Hanes. Cam uses the slogan, “Keep Hammering”, when responding to emails, texts, posts on social media outlets like Facebook, closing statements in magazine articles, and numerous other instances. We all have our saying or one liner we use when talking with friends and family, and Keep Hammering is Cam’s slogan.

With our creativity uncapped, and our only limitation being our imagination, we proceeded to create a custom hunting logo design for the Keep Hammering slogan. After considering one of Cam’s major sponsors, Under Armour, we wanted to keep his new Keep Hammering branding in-line with something they would produce and market. With our vast knowledge and background in marketing within the outdoor and hunting industry, we analyzed the marketplace and aimed for something simplistic, yet something with an edge that would sell with its simple design. This design needed to be easily transferable to Cam’s line of custom Under Armour hunting t-shirt designs, and extend his t-shirt line in to a line of hats, stickers, and more to expand his gear line.

Cam being one of the leading resources when it comes to hardcore backcountry bowhunting, it was a given we needed to associate a bow or an arrow of some sort within the design. Establishing his background in hunting the rugged mountains of the west, each animal he harvested fell to an arrow. That being said, we felt taking an arrow associated with his current CH, Cameron Hanes logo, would tie in nicely with the Keep Hammering design and keep his branding similar to what so many know him by currently.

Using a square, modern, block style font we filled in the words Keep Hammering between the broadhead of an arrow and the nock end of an arrow. To top it off and add some more personality to the design we put Cam’s personal signature at the top to solidify his stamp of approval on the design and Keep Hammering slogan. This new gear line will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned for the release!

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Posted by Apex Advertising / Posted on 01 Feb
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