Extreme Elk Hunting T-Shirt Design

Extreme Elk Hunting T-Shirt Design

Extreme Elk Exceed The Ordinary Hunting T-Shirt DesignWe just finished up another hunting t-shirt design here at Apex. This one for the crew over at Extreme Elk Magazine, which was founded by world elk calling champion Corey Jacobsen and co-founded by elk hunting legend Dirk Durham. The Extreme Elk Magazine has an all-star lineup including guys like Cameron Hanes, Aron Snyder, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and more.

Corey had contacted us here at Apex to design a new hunting t-shirt design that would encompass and explain the magazine in a few words. The word Extreme is defined as “exceeding the ordinary”. When it comes to elk hunting, we don’t settle for ordinary. In a world where everything from video games to mocha’s are labeled as “Extreme”, how does elk hunting fit in? True to our personal style of hunting, Extreme Elk Magazine is not entirely focused on the size of the elk, but more on the adventure. Every elk hunter has a concept for what an “extreme” elk hunt means to them…from training like a marathon runner to driving 2600 miles to spend their vacation chasing an elk, elk hunters often take extreme measures to pursue their unquenchable passion for elk hunting! It is upon these “extremes” that Extreme Elk Magazine is based with the extreme “nature” of the adventures the focus.

All of that being said, we were off to the races to hit the mark on the new t-shirt design. We wanted the shirt to imply the rugged mountains that elk inhabit in the west, therefore using mountains and evergreens to lay the foundation for the background design. Then we felt what better way to let others know it’s an elk hunting t-shirt than by having an elk smack dab front and center in the middle of the mountains?! With the magazine being called Extreme Elk, we wanted to incorporate the definition in the design. What better way than asking people, “What’s Your Extreme?” Then following that up with, “Exceed The Ordinary”, which is the definition of Extreme. Then we felt what better way to get this in your face than by coloring the design in bright orange to grab your attention.

Now that we had the design done, we didn’t stop there. We went ahead and slapped the Extreme Elk logo on the sleeve, and put a monstrous logo on the lower back of the shirt which is out of the ordinary for most shirt designs. We wanted this shirt to scream that is was exceeding the ordinary and set a new standard for hunting t-shirt designs.

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Posted by Apex Advertising / Posted on 01 Feb
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